Monthly Archives: September 2013

Harvest time

It is crazy how many months have gone by before I have even started this blog. The plan was to start it the beginning of the year but I was suddenly granted an allotment, put a new greenhouse up, redesigned the front garden and busy studying while being a mum of three children, before I knew it, it was September. I now finally have a working, all be it slow laptop but at least it means I can type without having to attempt to do things on a teenie tiny screen of a mobile I do not understand how to use.

So what has happened so far:

Well we got our allotment, it was completely rotavated which was great, we could start planting straightaway. I had loads in the greenhouse growing far too well for a greenhouse and in desperate need to get into the ground. We planted potatoes, onions, carrots, beetroot, courgette and various fruit bushes.

Our fruit bushes havent given us anything this year other than a handful of blackcurrents but they were bought as bare roots so expected it to take a year or two.

Our courgettes went mad. I decided to buy a tub of dried chicken poo and used it in the ground to get things off to a good start and as it turns out courgettes love it! I ended up with 30 plants and loads of courgettes and some marrows. We have used loads, frozen more and made soup, cake and some marrow rum with the rest. I even still have a few late ones to deal with. Found some fantastic recipes which I will upload onto a separate page once I get the blog up together and a bit more organised. I will also include my ‘booze’ section because I have branched into brewing beer and wine! I have some plum wine ready to be bottled any day now and have some beer bottled and already tested by my husband and dad who both think its lovely, and they should know.

I have harvested lots of begetables, so much that we have had to purchase a new freezer for storage and with all the potatoes we have we are quite set up for a while. In fact we haven’t bought veg for weeks now!

The last couple of weeks I have been given various fruit items and have made chutneys and jams and soon to make more which will be used for the christmas hampers for our respective parents and siblings. I am a lot more organised this year and have lots of things in the pipeline for christmas presents planned.

Today it was confirmed we had have our second allotment so the next few months will be digging up, pegging weed control down and drawing up plans for early spring planting. The allotments are next door to each other which is even better.

So this is quite short and sweet and there is so much more that needs to be said and shared but I am still in the process of getting the plans together and have a list so long I will never get to end of it this century the way it is going so off I go!