First batch of wine bottled

So the plum wine is bottled, 5 and a smaller bottle. Not sure what type of plums I was given but it is a very sharp, dry wine. I asked my husband to taste test, he is a sweet wine drinker and nearly fell over, his mouth was on fire, his words not mine! I had a drop (I don’t drink myself but someone has to wear the trousers and get it down them!) Tasted fine to me, was sharp and would definitely knock an average persons socks off but certainly splits the men from the boys! So it is all bottled, not as clear as I would like but its my first proper go at bottling so I am actually quite pleased.  After looking at it today it certainly looks clearer!

Had a blonde moment with the corker, I was convinced the corks were the wrong size but it was more I couldn’t work out how to use the equipment, bad workman and all that.

It is now bottled and lying down in my cellar (we have a large understairs room which is now my cellar). Did you know there was a reason wine is led down in racks? Anyone know why? Ill comment in a week or two with the answer but leave it out there for now to see if people know. And no it isnt because it looks pretty that way!

I have also got the christmas cake fruit ingredients soaking in the brandy so will get that cooked today and then feed until decoration time in December.

I have some blackberries that I wanted to make a blackberry wine with but don’t have quite enough so I am adapted the recipe, added additional bits and pieces and it is now my Christmas wine, Ill leave you all to guess what the additional ingredients could be but it sounds lovely, warm and christmassy, hopefully it tastes even better than I could imagine.

For those among us that do not drink I have some blackberry cordial that is lovely as a squash but this time of year when the sniffles are upon us, slip a spoon of honey in, warm it up and you have a lovely medicinal drink to enjoy on a cold, wet day like today.

Today’s jobs are to get the Damson and Christmas wine started, rack off my victoria plum wine and apple wine. Make the fig jam, yes I sourced figs, can’t wait to get that finished and have a taste with some crusty bread and cheese. And I need to finish making my bulb baskets, plant them up and check on my mushrooms. Also need to do a spot of knitting and make a start sorting my craft area. Byeeeeeeeeeee!



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