Aarrggghhhhhhh hanging clothes isn’t rocket science

So I’ve finished work for the weekend. Was a tough shift, well not tough because I did so much yesterday so was really ahead of myself but I had to do a mega clear up. That’s not too bad you might say but actually it’s a lot harder than you can ever imagine. Two and a half hours of crawling round floors picking up clothes and hangers, re-hanging clothes, finding shoes lost partners, matching clothes sets back up, picking up oddments of paper, size tags, receipts, odd socks and gloves. You wouldn’t believe what you find crawling around under clothes.

Now I’m not a clothes shopping sort of girl but for all you shopaholics out there please note it is ok to re-hang clothes once you have tried them off, looked at them, felt the fabric etc etc.. In fact I have re-hung around 3000 clothes overnight and my husband will vouch for the fact I am alive and kicking, all be it a bit tired, I am in no way traumatised by such an event. So try it today, just hang one thing see how it feels, take that step and who knows next time you maybe able to re-hang everything you pick up when you are wandering around. And if you do fine this emotionally traumatic I have a number for a fantastic therapist!

Right will be back later after a sleep and have a plan formulated starting with fig jam! Will share the recipe later!


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