Proper job

So I recently started what is known as a proper job. By this I mean I leave the house, work for several hours and return and at the end of the month my employer pays me for doing so!

I work nights and before you all say what I’ve heard loads ‘you must be mad’. Well no not really. I get paid more for shift work, I’d have to do more day hours to get what I’m getting now. I don’t have to pay childcare because I’m home all week and my husband home all weekend. I have a few hours kip and then get up to spend time with the family and I don’t start until half 11 so I still have a nice evening in with my husband. Lets face it the time I work everyone is asleep so doesn’t notice me gone anyway. Yeah it kinda messes up going away for the weekend but we have three kids so have our one holiday a year, i get holidays which amount to a generous amount so can take days out on weekends and I’m home all week with my children and to continue the self sufficient lifestyle I am attempting to maintain. Yes I accept working for someone else isn’t being entirely self sufficient but work has many benefits not just monetary but social benefits, I get to talk to other grown ups, I have a proper name and I can take up some training and who knows where that might lead? I love to learn, I loved school and I want to learn for the rest of my life. You can never know everything!

Anyway break over time to get back to it!

Happy growing!


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