The writer in me

I have been writing for many years, ever since I can remember. It has often been said by my parents I was born with a pencil in hand and ideas flowing off the page. Quite typical for me when it comes to writing I have loads of ideas, my imagination runs wild, I have at least 20 story ideas in my head right now and an endless supply of pretty notebooks. I love pretty notebooks, the only issue being I forgot which notebook is for what. I strive to be organised and have a notebook for each project, idea etc but the truth be known I rarely have the time or inclination. I am so organised with my home life and now my work life, my social life and free time I want to enjoy. And how can writing be creative if its so stringently organised?

My primary school teacher Mr Lucas attempted to get me organised. He said the issue he has wasn’t my writing as such, I wrote loads, I would come up with amazing stories however they were often disorganised. By this he meant because my brain was always thinking a paragraph ahead my sentence structure would suffer. I’d insert words from the next paragraph into the paragraph I was writing, I would start one sentence and finish another. To combat this he asked me to bring my work to him after every sentence. The idea being if I only had one sentence to think about I would slow down. It was a great idea but probably not very practical. In 1986 class sizes were smaller however I doubt he had that much time to do this full time. So as soon as this stopped I reverted back.
I’ve got better as years have gone by but I still have to edit heavily and find silly silly mistakes. My spelling is impeccable however! But I do go off into my world and just write and write and sometimes lose what I’m writing.
I’ve even written a sentence asleep. It didn’t make sense but I had been writing I must have dozed and then woke up to find 6 words on the page! You may say this isn’t possible but I think my brain just takes a while to switch off which is possibly why I’m often still awake into the early hours reading or planning my next project or just sat with my thoughts running through my head and wondering what to do with them.

Anyway where were we? This is a habit of mine having to go back and see where I started so I can finish that story after the one I’ve diverted too!

Yes my pretty notebooks. Currently I would say I have 30, I am, this week going to organise them and label them and actually use them. My other issue being I ran out of time to write in them. This is why I finally decided to embrace change and get into blogging. I’m not one for technology, my husband affectionately calls me a Luddite. But I love pencils and notebooks, I love proper books and I love listening to a good record, nothing else crackles the same!

However the positive outcome of blogging is its got me regularly writing, I actually think after four posts I’m addicted. As soon as something happens I want to blog it and work out how I can link it to my self sufficiency theme.

Entirely by accident I have discovered the iPhone does an app. I’ve had this phone for a while, nearly a year in fact and I still don’t really use much of it! But my laptop is broken and we are borrowing one which is quite slow so I thought I could possibly use WordPress on my phone through the Internet. Low and behold I googled it and it pointed me towards an app. All I had to do was install it (and remember my password which led to me spending far too much time trying to work out how to reset the password I didn’t realise I had). So now I think it will be a worse obsession because I can nip into my blog and update, add a page, a photo. I won’t need to constantly load up the laptop which has possibly put me off before. So there you go I’ve said it, I’m actually impressed with this technology and its actually going to make my writing self write.

So when I start NaNoWriMo in a couple of weeks as well as my self sufficiency updates ill be posting word count updates. I have a type if story in mind. I want to write something historical, possibly wartime England, not actually got a specific idea yet but going to brain storm next week with some history books in hand in the hope ill have that eureka moment.

Watch this space!



  1. Good luck with NaNoWriMo! Clearly you have a good connection between the stream of thought in your head and the ability to get it out on paper, and that’s what NaNoWriMo is all about – getting it out so you can work with it later. I enjoy the editing process, myself, though the initial passion of that first draft is incredibly exhilarating! Enjoy!

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