So we survived Halloween and the party. I’m not one for parties but it was my very good friend and promised I would go.

The trouble I have is I don’t really do people, I find most people befriend you because they want to borrow something or want help with something. Generally you will never see the said borrowed item again and if you ever need a hand there won’t be a soul in sight.

So I paddle my own canoe, rely on myself and that way there is no way anyone else can let me know. I can cope letting myself down, firstly because I’m top stubborn to let it happen in the first place and secondly if by some fluke it did happen I’d happily punish myself. The trouble with other people letting you down it is out of your control, I like to be in control of all aspects of my life and therefore I’m the only one responsible and held accountable!

It wasn’t too bad in the end, couple of nice people and here are a couple of pics of us in costume!




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