New Year, New Start

So January is the month I have been looking forward to since around October. I know I have been scarce recently but there hasn’t been a huge amount to say on the garden front. I harvested everything and created lots of jars/bottles/cans of items for Christmas presents which were all very well received among our family members.

We had a lovely Christmas, catching up with lots of family and friends and enjoying all being off together. Unfortunately I managed to hurt my shoulder just before Christmas day resulting in a rotator cuff tear which meant no heavy lifting or  no work for the past three weeks. Some might say, and did, that it was excellent timing because my husband was off work and had to do everything but it has been a really frustrating few weeks and I cannot wait to get back to work and get back on with things.

January is a great month, I know many won’t agree because it is cold, wet and often snows but it is the best time for a gardener like myself because its the time of year I get to do all the planning for the year. I have bought all my seeds, my bulbs and potatoes, I have my fruit trees ready to go in and my box of tools ready to take a trip to start planting. This year instead of just digging and planting I spent an afternoon with graph paper, seeds and a pencil drawing up a detailed plan of where everything was going to go. Boring you might say? But no I loved it, I love knowing it was all organised, I loved drawing out the boxes, measuring the areas, taking photos of the allotment, getting it all down on paper and knowing that everything last square inch would be used. It was also quite depressing thinking how much space was wasted last year but it has reinforced my view that the planning stage maps out exactly how the year will go and will ensure I am using the allotment to its full potential.

I already have many seedlings started off indoors which has encouraged me to take this one step further and to have ‘house plants’. No not the spider/yucca variety but Chilli and Tomatoes, they look lovely and they produce fruit so its not just wasting time and money on something to sit there and more often than that die. Houseplants are temperamental we all know that. Certain light, shade, heat, etc etc, In my opinion they are a pain in the backside with no return on the investment! And who says you cant have salad plants inside anyway? Maybe ill start a new trend. Anyway loads to do, I will be back, have a lot of blog planning to do so just wanted to drop by briefly and say hello.


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  1. Wow…your new year is off to a busy start. I look forward to reading your upcoming posts.

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