Get to Blooms on the double

A trip to blooms to have a little look at the new things in ended up with me obtaining quite a lot of bargains.

I got my English gardens calendar for 99p, these calendars were still priced at a tenner in some places up until new years day! So I have lost a few days, I have saved a few quid as well.

 – Now I don’t know how people feel about tools, I know many swear by going to the pound shop, wilkos etc, and I admit I use those places for many things but tools I have been bitten more than once and I am definitely more than twice shy. I now will only have Joseph Bentley tools and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Yes they are a bit pricier but they last so much longer so long term they actually save money. And if you manage to pick up a bargain like I did today it will save you even more. I paid £7 for a trowel and fork set, yes £3.50 each, I accept they would be a pound each in poundland but these do not bend as soon as you put them in the ground, they do actually last forever. They have been put in my travelling trug of bits (that I did buy from poundland) and I am just about ready to go!

– I also purchased some 50p plants, I bought a hanging basket full of strawberry plants for £3 and an orange plant for a fiver.

– Add to all that some cuttings I found lying around that I will make an attempt to grow on I am one very please lady.

So try and fit a trip in as soon as possible, their new stuff is coming in very soon, and the clearance shelves were looking quite empty already.


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