The no-dig vegetable grower

The no-dig vegetable grower

This is something I am doing this year. My husband dug the allotment over last year and it was rotavated. I know my granddad dug the entire plot over twice a year, I have followed quite a lot of his advice but going to give this idea a go. This year I have horse manure, leaf mulch and some chicken manure over the plot. The soil there is quite good anyway but I want to give it good nourishment before I start planting out in a couple of months. I have been up to the plot periodically to check how things are progressing and I have to say it is looking quite good. Weeds are under control, the leaf mulch is breaking down and the horse manure has settled and with a bit of forking I think the soil will be just perfect. What are people’s opinions on the no-dig method?


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