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Spring is coming

ImageEvery time I say that I keep thinking of the Cola advert at Christmas ‘Spring is a coming, spring is a coming’. And it is! Have you seen the weather the last couple of days? I went to Bristol for the day yesterday on the train with the kids. Bit of an adventure and a change from going in the car and so much less stressful and cheaper! However we were wandering around Bristol without coats and the possibility of needing sunglasses was getting increasingly likely! I was blinded, yes blinded by the sun. No rain, no snow or frost or wind, it was absolutely beautiful walking along the docks enjoying the shining sun and the cool breeze on our faces.

Today I planned to do some gardening however I was up at 1ish this morning with a tummy bug and I have pretty much (without being too graphic) moving between the chair and the toilet ever since. I am currently looking out the living room window sitting in my chair wishing I could get out there and plant some bulbs, put some seeds in the mini greenhouse, put my trees in that I have been waiting on for weeks. I want to get out and start digging my pond, putting in my shrubs, start setting out the new area for the chickens. I need to sweep my front garden, do some weeding, check on the new wormery. I have so many jobs that need doing that have been waiting for ages with this horrid weather we have been having. And typically the first lovely day in I don’t know how long and I am stuck in the house feeling terrible.

So as I am not one for sitting around doing nothing, even when I feel the worst that I have for a long time I decided I would catch up a bit of my blog, get some planning done, do some much needed studying and make a massive dent in my knitting (not literally obviously).

Soon I will be putting some information on here on monthly/weekly jobs to do in the garden which hopefully you will all find useful and I will also be putting on some upcycling ideas for the garden and some recipes. It is all coming very very soon.


And I have a library

It is up, my husband is a truly clever man!

I have always wanted a library, I read loads but never had the space. I admit its not like one of those big old libraries in Miss Marple with the steps that run up and down the shelves (now that would be amazing) but I am more than happy with what my husband has created here for me. Everything is in alphabetical order and I can sit in a chair and read in the window. I will soon set up my easel and get my paints back out again. I can’t wait!

I love my two year old dearly but……………………..

She ripped my allotment plan. I had bought graph paper and carefully planned out exactly where everything was going to go and how many of each plant would be required. It was all worked out to scale and I was ready to colour it all in and laminate it when it happened.

How can you just put something down briefly to pick up something else and a two year old manages to make it across the room to the plan, rip it all up into lots of little pieces in seconds? Where do they get that speed from? Especially when getting ready to go to bed, or get dressed to go out, she can possibly move from where she is with any great urgency.

So what do I do with her? It is not like she even understands what she has done nor can she put it right and without the plan I can’t continue with the rest of the planning so I need to redo it.

I mentioned it on my forum and one fellow allotmenteer mentioned in jest to bury her, well you would hope in jest anyway! Obviously I am not going to do this but even if I did it would make little difference because she makes a fantastic job of burying herself when we are down there. She is in her element when covered in dirt!

I have a million and one things to do with the garden, the allotment, the house, the course, I work, got three kids and now I have to redo something. When do I get chance to read and paint?