I love my two year old dearly but……………………..

She ripped my allotment plan. I had bought graph paper and carefully planned out exactly where everything was going to go and how many of each plant would be required. It was all worked out to scale and I was ready to colour it all in and laminate it when it happened.

How can you just put something down briefly to pick up something else and a two year old manages to make it across the room to the plan, rip it all up into lots of little pieces in seconds? Where do they get that speed from? Especially when getting ready to go to bed, or get dressed to go out, she can possibly move from where she is with any great urgency.

So what do I do with her? It is not like she even understands what she has done nor can she put it right and without the plan I can’t continue with the rest of the planning so I need to redo it.

I mentioned it on my forum and one fellow allotmenteer mentioned in jest to bury her, well you would hope in jest anyway! Obviously I am not going to do this but even if I did it would make little difference because she makes a fantastic job of burying herself when we are down there. She is in her element when covered in dirt!

I have a million and one things to do with the garden, the allotment, the house, the course, I work, got three kids and now I have to redo something. When do I get chance to read and paint?



  1. Oh my….sorry to hear about that. I remember when my kids were that age. They destroyed everything in site!

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