Leggy swede

I put my swede in a few weeks ago after making the decision to start them inside.  Last year I started them in-situ and they decided to take ages to get going and then many of them keeled over. I believed it might have been the indecisive weather we had been having so I thought I would give them a good start inside.  However I now have 150 leggy swede plants.  I have not put them outside and transplanted 80 of them into new pots, planting them nice and deep to give them chance to strengthen up.

Anyone else had these problems?  I normally do not have problems with legginess but this year, and generally I go with the view of stick it in, water and feed it and off it goes.  This year I have spent many weeks meticulously planning my planting schedule, reading many a forum regarding how to carefully tend for young plants and instead of the excellent results I have ended up with leggy plants.  Maybe my slap-dash approach to gardening has its advantages?



  1. This happened to me last year. I started things off a bit early indoors – then the winter went on -and on – and I ended up with lots of feeble-looking plants that had spent far too long inside with not enough light. This year I’ve locked up the seed packets, only the sweat-peas have gone in so far! I’ll probably be caught out the other way, and everything will be late! (Loved the title by the way, made me laugh…)

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