My pet carrot

My pet Carrot
My pet Carrot

I call this a ‘pet’ because the plant that re-grows will NOT produce edible carrots, only a new carrot plant. The taproot cannot re-grow but it makes an attractive flowering plant for the kitchen. It is fun and easy for children aged 0-100
Cut the top off your carrot, leaving about an inch of vegetable at the root. Stick toothpicks into the sides of the carrot stump and balance it in a glass or jar. Fill the glass with water so that the level reaches the bottom of the cutting. Leave the glass in filtered, not direct, sunlight and ensure water is topped up to keep the bottom of your cutting wet. Once you see roots develop, plant your carrot into a pot of soil, stick on the kitchen window sill or any other light and airy place and hopefully it will look as attractive as the picture.


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