Branching out

Pardon the pun but it had to be done!

So I have been gardening for several years, picked up information from my parents, my grandparents and read a ton of books myself so I have decided to branch out to new pastures.  I thought creating a blog was the only big step I would ever make, believe me for those that know my opinion on technology and all the problems that come with it you will know what a massive step this has been.  It has not been as regular as I would like but hopefully I can change that without it becoming a load of old gibber gabber and nothing of much use. I am still new to the blogging game so still learning some of the techniques and unfortunately one can write, one can garden, one can put the two together but if one is not an IT whizz one struggles with this next step! I want this blog to be informative, I want to be able to share my knowledge and on top of all that I want to take my gardening experience to the next level.

So with all this in mind over the coming weeks I will be putting up tips and tricks, tried and tested recipes to use with your home grown, a baby steps page to get you started in the scary world of gardening. Many people think it is so much hard work they don’t even start but with my baby steps you will be on the road to a successful first plot even if you choose that to be your first window box, baby steps become big steps when practised often enough.  I will be selling seeds, not the F1 varieties but the ones you seed save once the growing season is over and therefore use year on year, saving you a fortune in new seeds, my grandad swore by it and it really isn’t that difficult once you get a grip on it. I am hoping to launch information fact sheets for a nominal fee, bit of an A-Z and lots of other important information with a view to launch my first gardening book but that will be somewhere near next year now. Even I have big ideas but have to start with the baby steps.

Hopefully you will find this page get a lot more interesting as time goes on and hope you find it really useful


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