Sunday dinner comes from the freezer?

Sunday dinner comes from the freezer?

Sadly this headline isn’t far from the truth of what our children think.  When I say our, I do not mean mine, mine have been taught from a very early age that peas come in pods which you pick, you remove the peas and eat, they can be frozen but far better straight from the pod.  My middle daughter has eaten peas raw straight from the pod, carrots straight from the ground and guess what she hasn’t been struck down with tetanus or any other life threatening illness the authorities come up with that means you should all buy pre-packed food that has been scrubbed within a inch of its life.

I remember when I was about 6 or 7 my Dad told me that if I ate the pips from the apples I would have apple trees coming out of my ears, I was distraught by this image and it had me in floods of tears. I know it sounds harsh but actually it isn’t because it taught me one of the basic life skills, that our fruit and vegetables grow from seeds, in the ground.  I always had a vegetable patch as a child as did my parents and their parents before them.  Generation after generation have been out sowing seeds, growing their own and eating fresh from the garden with no issues at all and suddenly it has all changed with processed food, fruit and vegetable wrapped in plastic.  So our children learn about sex at a very young age but they don’t learn the simple skill which is where their food comes from.  This article just proves the dire situation we have ended up in, where kids are distraught as to think their sunday dinner was once a live animal, their potatoes were once covered in dirt.  It is as if they have been programmed to believe the only way forward is to nip down to your local freezer shop and pick up your dinner, packed up in plastic and cardboard, shoved into the microwave for a couple of minutes and ‘Viola’ a meal.  Yes it is quick and easy, yes I understand parents are busy but I have three children, a job, two allotments, a garden, chickens, soon to be bees, I breed my own mealworms, I run a wormery and I am a freelance writer however I cook fresh every single day except Friday when I allow my children to have chips which quite often are our potatoes chopped into wedges with a fresh chicken, that is about as far as I go when it comes to processed food.


It terrifies me that children think pasta comes from an animal but cheese is from a vegetable, surely it is basic knowledge to know milk comes from a cow and therefore cheese comes from the cow also?  I am not saying they need to know the whole process but the basic knowledge should be the bare minimum we are teaching our children?  How can a child not know one farm animal from another and worse not know that, that farm animal actually feeds us?


It is a scary, scary world we are living in.


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