Coop is up and the new birds have arrived

My husband put the coop and run up I went for a the Sussex coop with double run and ordered two additional runs to lengthen the space for the birds to play in.  I lost some birds last Autumn to Mr Fox so I was very keen to ensure the run was as fox proof as I could make it so it is all fully enclosed.  The company I used are Chicken Coops Direct and can be found at the following web address  They are an excellent company to deal with I cannot vouch for them enough.  There was a slight delay of a week for delivery but they informed me prior to debiting my account and processing the order this was the case and left me to make the decision whether I still wanted to order through them.  They gave me a good discount as an apology for the delay and once the item was ready to dispatch they sent on an overnight courier even though I had not paid for this additional service.  The instructions were extremely clear, all the parts were packaged carefully and we even had spares of nuts and bolts.  It looks absolutely amazing and is of such good quality I cannot believe the value of money.  Similarly built coops and runs I have research have been anything up to twice the price.

I picked up my birds yesterday from a local chicken farmer, a light Sussex, a Warren, a Rhode Island Rock, an Amber Link, a Speckledy, a White Star and a Bluebell.  All beautiful birds, settled in immediately, very friendly and get on very well with both my turkeys.  I cannot wait to start collecting eggs!


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