Chooks and Turkeys

So the birds are settling in, my Warren is ever so friendly, she will come out of the run, fuss round my hand a bit like a cat, take food out of my hand and generally love a good back rub.  I am currently teaching her to give kisses which she is getting better at although she isn’t quite understanding that giving a peck on the cheek doesn’t you actually peck someone! But she is very sweet so I will let her off.  The Rhode Island Rock, Speckledy, Bluebell and Light Sussex are still quite nervous, my White Star and Amber Link are getting better with me.  I cannot believe how soft they are and how cuddly birds can be, they are so loving and have amazing characters, I could sit and watch them all day, if I actually had the time!

No eggs as yet but they are only pullets and I am sure once they have loads more daylight and fed up on layers pellets and kitchen scraps they will start, I cannot wait to get that first egg, proud mummy moment I think.  My turkey, Cracker (yes I know Cracker sounds insensitive but it was funny at the time and she does answer to it) isn’t laying yet either but its still early in year and she is starting to nest whilst her boyfriend Bauble is desperately trying to pursue her.  Turkeys are funny creatures, the female is in charge, the Stag basically does as he is told, which I believe makes for a long and happy union ;-), well that is what I tell my husband anyway.  So he is parading, making noises, making some very odd movements around her, chasing off anything that comes near and generally doing what he can to ‘woo’ her.  She is having none of it and until she says it is ok he cannot touch her, he has to continue this ‘showing off’ until she gives in.  I fell really sorry for the poor fella because he is trying so hard and has done for a while and she is playing a very long game of hard to get, the poor lad is beside himself with desperation and it won’t be too long before he starts pursuing my female cats simply out of sheer frustration!  She will also parade herself in front of him and basically tease him which doesn’t help because he thinks his luck is in and she turns her back and walks off, at this moment in time I really do feel for the male population.  However I find it quite amusing and when telling my husband he wasn’t at all surprised that this is how turkeys behave and had absolutely no sympathy or empathy for the poor boy!


We shouldn’t laugh but seriously if you ever get chance to have turkeys or chickens they really are amazing to watch.


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