Homemade weed killer

Now I hate using chemicals, I won’t even use Slug Pellets.  I dug a pond at the allotment recent to encourage toads that will see to the slugs. I don’t use rat/mouse traps, I have cats that keep the rodent population under control.  

Now I hate weeds, I know weeds are the bane of any Gardener’s life. When we took on our allotment we were absolutely inundated and prior to taking on the allotment next door we were fighting a losing battle because the weeds next door were spreading to our plot no matter how many times we weeded, it was definately one step forward and two back.  And because I don’t believe in using chemicals we were using the dig and pull method and a gas burner, however sometimes, especially at the end of the season you just want to get some weed killer over the whole plot, cover it with weed suppressant and be done with it.  I have got a recipe below for weed killer that you can make very simply from items from your kitchen cupboard.  And what’s more it is not harmful to any animals or children which makes it a winner for me.

Firstly you will need a 4 pint milk jug (I save milk jugs anyway for homemade cloches so always have some to spare)

To the jug add the following ingredients

16 fluid oz white vinegar

8 oz salt

Top up the jug with water


Leave to rest in the sun for an hour and it is ready to use, pierce some holes in the lid of the milk jug, screw back on and pour over those annoying weeds.  




    1. Anytime. I thought it was a great alternative to the horrible chemicals. I have children, cats, chickens and turkeys so chemicals are a definite no no for me!

      1. Well, two out of the four for me (kids and chickens), plus lots of lovely wildlife, so I’m trying to avoid chemicals too. But I never have enough time to weed (I blame the kids…and chickens!) so new ways to keep on top of things are always good. I did try using just vinegar last year, which didn’t work – I think the salt will do it, tho! Thanks again.

  1. Salt is good for slugs too but I like the ‘encouraging toads’ method myself, feel a little cruel otherwise whereas the toads are just eating for survival so that is fair enough. The food chain is an important part of our world I think, hence the reason I am happy for my cats to keep the rodent population under control. Everything was put on this earth for a purpose!

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