The Handy



This is actually the most amazing machine I have ever bought and I would recommend it to anyone.  Our second plot was 4 foot high in weeds when we took it on and had numerous of vegetables planted but dying off.  It really was a right state.  We strimmed it down in the Autumn and this Spring the weeds had come back up to about 2 foot.  We nearly cried, well my husband did because he was the one that was going to be digging it over.  I am only 5 foot and our spade is nearly as big as me, also apparently the site of me jumping on a spade is quite amusing!  I am not there to provide a comedy show!

So we got the tiller down there and my husband was off with his man machine!  I call it this because I think secretly he was glad I wasn’t fussed on doing it because it enhanced his manliness pushing this petrol controlled lump of metal around.  

It took everything down pretty quick, a meaty bit of kit that made light work of the whole plot!  A few times round and we practically had sand, it really is that good! The sad person I am I got really excited about this and just led on the soil sifting it through my fingers ooohhhhing and aahhhhhing regularly.  This really did nothing for my husband’s manliness!

This one is a Handy and is 3.5 BHP and we have probably cleared two plots for about £8 of fuel and a couple of days going over it, not bad considering how much longer it would take to hand dig it!


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