A stubborn bee sting?

I am a beekeeper, a new beekeeper but a beekeeper all the same.  When I first transferred my colony from their nuc box to their hive I did get stung 4 times, they were not amused with the transport method involved (my car which smells of allotment amongst other things), the removal from car boot to rear of garden and then being removed from what was their home to a brand new smelling hive! So they had me, however other than feeling a bit shivery that evening and tired I was absolutely fine.

When I checked on them a few days ago I as lucky to not get stung, or so I thought, it was only closing them back up that one had me and for some reason this one seems to have caused me more problems than the 4 I had.  As a beekeeper it is a occupational hazard I suppose.  So for the last few days I have been itching and scratching like mad, it is inflamed and pimply but not doing much else other than really irritating me.  Popped off to the pharmacist today after trying antihistimines and he told me to try vinegar! Yes vinegar, normal vinegar stored in your kitchen cupboard.  Apparently the reason a sting remains irritated is because some of the sting has been left behind in the skin and the vinegar helps draw it out.  I am a skeptic but I am also a great lover in anything natural over anything chemical so now I have a leg that smells like a fish and chip shop but the irritation has subsided.  Does it work or could it be the placebo effect?  I am not a scientist so I cannot present you with vast amounts of facts taken from various experiments but it worked for me so all I can say is give it a go!


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  1. It also helps to take vitamin c. That will work in the swelling. Stings can be very frustrating. (Also a new hive is more appealing to bees if you scorch it with a blow torch for example. )

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