First inspection of the new colony!



This is a  new bee emerging from a cell, I was so pleased that on my first inspection I got to watch this amazing thing, the birth of a bee!







This shows lots of honey stores, it appears there are 6 frames being used so far, the queen isn’t working particularly fast at the moment so I do need to keep a bit of a check on her.  Seems she may have been a relatively new queen put in with a colony so needs a bit of time to get up to speed with laying.  You will see bits of brood but not as much as one might expect.  As she is laying, I have seen eggs and bees emerging I am going to ‘sit and wait’ at the moment and check in a week, if not much has changed will need to get an expert beekeeper in!





Quite difficult to see here but there are a couple of queen cell cups which is possibly the bees reaction to an inadequate queen, or what they thought to not be doing her job properly, so they build emergency queen cells.  Hopefully over the next week the queen will be up to speed and no need to take any further action.


I found seeing this absolutely fascinating and I loved being this close to my bees!



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