Allotment day

Yesterday I spent a day at the allotment, well 4 hours but with two kids in school and a toddler I think that counts as a day! I had to do quite a bit of weeding after the sunny weather we have had, however I cannot stress enough how much easier it was to weed now the ground has been rotavated.  I left an area not rotavated to see what the difference would be and yesterday the results spoke for themselves.  The areas that had been rotavated contained purely surface weeds that with a hoe and a rake I had a completely clear area, the small area I had left was a nightmare to clear.  The weeds were well rooted and there was an awful lot of hands and knees work to be done just to get it clear.  So if you are able to beg or borrow an rotavator it really is a worthwhile piece of kit to have.

I planted more peas and beans, put in the burlotti beans, the parsnip, swede and turnips and some brassicas. Also got some more leeks and beetroot in. A very busy day indeed but I am hoping for a bumper harvest this year.  Left the allotment with two handfuls of radishes, oddly shaped, but radishes all the same, looking forward to having a nibble with the salad later.

So little question, who plants from seeds and who buys plants? 


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