Companion planting tips

Does anyone else use companion planting as a method of pest control?  I do have a whole section currently being updated on pest and diseases located here but as a secondary method (it all helps if you aren’t using chemicals) take a look at some tips below:

Marigolds – Marigolds contain a substance they secrete which destroys nematodes and eel worms.  You could even grow edible             Marigolds and have an extra food harvest?  Once they have gone over dig them into ground to act as a green manure.

Nasturtiums – Aphids love your nasturtiums so plant along the edges of your plot away from your veg and they will attract the aphids attention leaving your lovely green veg alone.  Also nasturtium leaves are great additions to your summer salads.

Alliums – Plant garlic amongst your veg, they don’t need much room but also give off enzymes toxic to many pests. They also keep cats off the veg patch. And again you can eat them!

Herbs – A lot of pests hate mint, sage, rosemary, sage, if you have a herb garden you will find it grows like mad without a pest in sight. You could always take some cuttings and plant some herbs in amongst the veg.  Herbs can be dried so if you can’t use it all when it is fresh, dry it and save it. Herbs also make lovely presents at christmas time.

Nettles – Nettles attract ladybirds and ladybirds will eat the aphids, the cycle of life is a great pest deterrent.

Mustard – Mustard is not only a good deterrent to cats it also is good to get rid of dreaded click beetle. Click beetle is more prevalent in land that has been left for a long time without any form of cultivation so plant a load of mustard for a season and then dig it into the ground. 

Hope some of these help, please feel free to add any of your tips.  I am completely self-taught so learn from reading, watching gardening programmes and most of all listening to my uncle and grandad.  Always up for learning more.



      1. I hadn’t heard of adding it to rice, although can imagine its quite nice in a rice salad in the summer with a BBQ

  1. I had read you could but some people are a bit odd about eating flowers. I’ll try anything once, can imagine it really brightens up a salad!

    1. I have cats and garlic works to keep them off my beds! Although cats rarely mess in their own garden anyway and I also plant my pickling onions in the garden too! Normally in front of my root veg!

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