The basic kit

So one of the things people say about gardening is how much all the kit is, so thought I would put together a basic kit list to get you going.  And do remember a lot of the kit you can get from car boot sales, garage sales, freecycle.  A second hand good quality tool is often better than a brand new cheap tool.  I got caught out with a spade once, I bought cheap and it bent under any sort of pressure which meant I had to keep turning it round to use successfully.  I am now a massive Joseph Bentley fan, absolutely swear by the tools and although they are a bit more expensive I have been given mine as christmas and birthday presents.  I love a good bit of gardening kit as a pressie!

So here is the list I think are the basics to get you going:

A strong spade with a good step on top for digging (I use a Joseph Bentley, it is solid and has pretty much been used for digging over the plot, digging up a pond, moving gravel, you name it I have used it and its still going strong)

A round-pronged fork for digging and breaking soil (ladies you can get a ladies fork which is slightly shorter)

A flat-pronged fork for lifting root crops like you spuds (again ladies you can get a ladies one)

A hoe (very useful for weeding, saves your back)

A trowel and hand fork (I got mine as a set for £7 on offer, Joseph Bentley)

A rake (I use my hoe to weed then rake up, saves my back, also useful for sowing new seeds)

A hand cultivator (I have a claw, second hand from a boot sale. We do use a tiller but a hand cultivator is good for breaking soil down for transplanting from the greenhouse)

A dibber (great for your leeks)

Secateurs (I have bought cheap but it really isn’t cost effective, you just end up replacing each season)

A wheelbarrow (check out skips etc, a lot of people will get rid of it once the tyre is flat, you can often repair it)

A watering can (I use a 5 litre one to save trips at the allotment but get a size you can handle)


Always clean your tools, keep them oiled and they will last a lifetime.  Linseed oil is great for wooden handles.



  1. Ill get some pics of mine on for you. I actually found my rake and my hoe on the allotment when I took it over!

    1. My Joseph Bentley trowel set was a bargain at £7 and its a really decent sized trowel as well. So good if the kids are with me they slyly borrow it to make big mud pies!

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