Book Launch!

After a lot of research, practical experience and learning from mistakes I will have my first book launched on 1 November this year just in time for Christmas.

It will be the first in the series to help you on your route to self-sufficiency.  By your route it means you do not have to be living on a farm with windmills for energy, the point in the book is to help you find your own route to that goal.  However small or however big your self-sufficiency lifestyle is doesn’t matter, its the fact you have found a way to do what you can to stop relying on the big brands, big supermarkets for all of your needs.  So anything from growing a few herbs on your window sill to an allotment to chickens, the book will show you how to start your road to self-sufficiency with the space and time you have.

Looking forward to people’s comments.  I will let you know once ordering is available.


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