Where to write?

Virginia Woolf said ‘a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction’.

I have neither so does mean I do not write or I can not write? I have a portable desk (a bit like a lap tray you get for evening meals). I have endless files and boxes, books, writing magazines however I do not have a room I can call my own for my writing.

Quite simply there is nowhere to put one. We have quite a large house, we have 4 bedrooms but we also have 3 children.  We have a living room and a dining room which are pretty much full of kids stuff, table to eat at, a mini library.  We also have a toddler so anywhere I keep my work has to be safe from her meddling.  If I used a corner in the dining room it would never last, it would become my husband’s dumping ground for the mail. My eldest would dump her Ipod, tablet on it or use it for her homework. The middle one would dump jumpers she decides she isn’t wearing, books she is reading or knitting she has started. And the toddler, well she would just use every scrap of paper she can find along with every pen and pencil she can find and draw. Once she ran out of paper she would use the chair, table and the walls!  She is a budding artist I feel.

I am contemplating using part of our bedroom as my writing area/office. This is doable once we have the shelves put up for all the craft stuff on the landing, until then our room is pretty full.  We do have an extension but is isn’t finished, it is used as a shed these days and would need a lot of decorating to make it into a living space.  Alternatively I could find somewhere for a summer house?  Great in the summer, not so good in the winter and with the chickens, bees, greenhouse, pond and kids toys there isn’t really room for a grand summer house.


So my question is, what do you all use as your area? Are you a portable writer or do you have a designated space you write in?


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