Raised beds?

Next year I have decided to go down the route of raised beds.

I spent this year battling with weeds after a slipped disc which saw me off my feet for nearly 3 months.  Writing out endless instructions for my husband when he went down there and dragging in the kids to help is fine short term but once they have a couple of weeks they cannot go things just go mad. So 3 weeks ago I went down there after scarcely enough time down there. Fortunately I had managed to grow loads, it was my first year growing leeks which was very successful.  It was also my first year of successfully growing peas.

Prior to this I had moaned yearly that my peas never came to much and the ones that did didn’t feed us for too long, but this year a bumper crop.

Anyway after getting down there and realising how much things had got out of hand I was quite despondent.  Yes I had grown a lot, I had a lot of fruit, an overflowing compost heap, a nice large space to work with however the weeds had got out of control over a couple of short weeks of no one getting down there.

The earth there isn’t great, the weeds love it but the root veg hate it and I have had endless crops of split and damaged veg.  So onward and upward and I ordered in the raised beds.  I spent last week putting 20 or so together and I have compost arriving Monday to fill them.  I have done a ton of weeding, covered the area with weed control and have a plan in place.

On top of all of that a nice fellow over the way came over and gave me a helping hand on the plot and started weeding an area for me. People are so kind. I still have more to finish and I will order more raised beds next week and take the collection of leaves down to put a good coverage over the top for the winter.  I will also get some manure delivered for some of the raised beds (obviously not the root veg).

Anyone else gone down the root of raised beds? Any particular reason why?



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