Jobs for the weekend

It is hump day so tomorrow you will be on a slide to the end of the week, the weekend is looming on the horizon and I can just see it peeping through.

So on or around Wednesday I like to make a list of gardening jobs for the weekend. It helps me stay focused and ensure I do not procrastinate which is so easy when pottering around in the garden.

Here is my list for this weekend:

Plant up Hyacinth bulbs – A very quick and easy job which welcomes in spring with a rainbow of colours.  They look lovely in garden borders when not much else has started to bloom but look equally beautiful in rustic terracotta pots on the patio.

Prune your roses – Roses should stop flowering around now, get the secateurs out and give them a good pruning ready for new growth.

Rake up leaves – Leaves make fantastic mulch in your vegetable beds. Rake them up and start putting on the allotment or vegetable patch.  Remember to save some for your bean trench in the spring.

Save your seeds – My Grandad always saved seeds at the end of the year, saves a fortune on next years sowing. See the Seed saving checklist for information.

Plant winter veg – You can start to plant out your broad beans, hardy peas, garlic, winter cabbages, over-wintering onions.

Take fruit cuttings – Fruit bushes need a good trim this time of year so take hardwood cuttings to expand your own fruit bushes or pass on to friends and family.

One final little thing I like doing this time of year when I have finished an afternoon of gardening jobs is make myself up a large mug of hot chocolate with some marshmallows and a chocolate flake, wrap myself in a blanket and sit and look at how much I have achieved this year whilst letting inspiration take me over thinking up new ideas for next year.


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